First class service

For you and your Audi

Extensive warranties for trouble free driving enjoyment. This includes the warranty on new cars and warranties on paintwork and against rust penetration as well as warranties on original parts, original accessories and workshop repairs by your Audi dealer. Book your AUDI in for a service and we will ensure it receives the best care and attention possible.

Meet the team:

Laetitia Odendaal
Position: Acting Service Manager
Telephone Number: 013 754 8817/15
Email Address:

Wynand Oosthuyzen
Position: Workshop Foreman
Telephone Number: 013 754 8800/14
Email Address:

Patricia Segage
Position: Service Advisor
Telephone Number: 013 754 8819/20/21
Email Address:

Joanne Landman
Position: Booking Clerk
Telephone Number: 013 754 8819
Email Address:

Service Department Operating Hours:

Monday - Friday: 07:00am - 17:15pm
Saturday: 07:00am - 13:00pm

There is a choice between time and distance servicing, and variable servicing. Please contact us and we will help you decide which servicing programme best meets your needs. For a vehicle being serviced according to time and distance, services will be required at fixed intervals. Where variable servicing is chosen, sensors located within your engine and other working components of the vehicle will inform you when servicing is required.